In the world of contemporary interior design, Ineffable Interiors epitomises modern elegance.


The northern born co-founders Michael and Helen gravitated to each-other in 2019. Both designers soon found that their combined energy and dedication to work lead to a great partnership.

Beauty, quality and a combined objective to building a positive and transparent relationship with the client, exemplifies the Ineffable brand.


With a combined experience of over 16 years and armed with a tried and trusted team of contacts, Ineffable interweaves the old and new world for a decidedly modern finish.


Throughout the design process, Ineffable work closely with clients to diffuse distinct personalities and brand aesthetics within each project, guiding each one towards unexpected possibilities of beauty and functionality.

From minor consultancy to 3D rendered architectural walk throughs Ineffable Interiors offer a flexible array of services that can be adapted to each client.

Ineffable Interiors bring a wealth of international design knowledge,

understanding that in order to design beautiful and innovative spaces for the future,

we must first look to the past, taking inspiration from historical interiors,

fluid forms, fine art and furniture.