Ineffable Interiors is a London-based design studio led by Michael John Potts and Helen Sciacaluga whose sole focus is to create timeless, chic interiors with a transparent, honest and enjoyable approach.


Michael and Helen first met whilst working together in a Mayfair based design studio. Both designers soon found that their combined energy and dedication to work led to a great relationship. Through their combined passion for quality and their desire to create a positive and transparent relationship with clients, Ineffable Interiors was born.


Michael and Helen bring a wealth of international design knowledge to each project they take on. They understand that in order to design beautiful and innovative spaces for the future, we must first look to the past, taking inspiration from historical interiors, fluid forms and furniture.


Ineffable Interiors have a very hands - on approach to business, knowing that good design is far more than beauty; it is a collaborative process, always putting the clients needs first. 

We focus on making sure that everyone we work with feels understood, involved and excited about the process. Your home should be a place that reflects your personality and lifestyle and we strive to deliver this every time.

We do not have a single recognisable style. All our projects are different, as are the personalities of our clients.